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Why choose Global Inlotrans?

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- With a team of professional, customer shipments always be taken care of from the moment the "booking" time "release". Ensure coordination between the team of "sales" document "doc" and accounting "accountant"

- As a member of WCA & CGLN association, Global Inlotrans with the reliable network of agents in many countries around the world, ensuring customer delivery procedures done fast and convenient.

- With convenient agent, VIP Account with carrier, Global Inlotrans of the many advantages in price compared to other Forwader.

- Addition, Global Inlotrans the subsidy on time & payment terms for customers: the following 15 days or at the end of the month - as has become loyalty (this is one of the problems that customers are interested in)

Information about the Consignee of customers as well as other relevant information is always absolute security


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